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An Attitude of Gratitude

The cool morning air was filled with the smell of motor oil and the love of Jesus. In a flurry of activity during a church car care event, single moms and others in need came with their vehicles for a free oil change and fluid check.  While waiting, they enjoyed breakfast, conversation and other support provided by a large cast of volunteers.  If you were able to find your way through the crowd to the large sink in the back of the kitchen, there you would have located my friend, Jim, washing a mound of dirty pots and pans.  In what looked like a lonely, thankless job, with a big smile he described it as “joyful.”

Have you ever found yourself left alone in the kitchen with a mound of dirty dishes?  Perhaps that very scene is in your future today... But whether it is dirty dishes or some other thankless job, such times make it easy to feel overlooked and underappreciated.

In those moments, an attitude of gratitude can be the means of finding joy. Attitude is a choice, and we can choose to focus on our difficulties or blessings.  In Philippians 4:6-7 we find that joy and the promise of peace are wrapped in prayer with gratitude to God.  Not absence of struggles but perfect peace.  A peace that exceeds our understanding and will guard our mind against judgmental thoughts despite our circumstances.  A peace that comes through gratitude for our blessings.

True gratitude inspires action. Everything changes when we focus on the needs of others over our demands. An attitude of gratitude leads us to joy and peace and is expressed through generosity toward others.

We send you our best wishes for a Thanksgiving is happy and blessed. Have a joyful day!

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