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Big Hearts!

You probably know and perhaps experienced the proverb, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, we can say it definitely rings true for the Snowpixies! Although little in size, their hearts are big! They truly miss their human elf sitting families when back in the North Pole. In fact, these wee baby elves spend a lot of time thinking about their human families and often share stories with their teachers and fellow classmates at the North Pole School of Elf Etiquette!

Just like many humans have a countdown to Christmas, Snowpixies have a countdown to their Journey Day when they travel to their homes away from home. However, as excited as they are to be united with their human caregivers, they may not realize their human families often anticipate their arrival so much more!

So, when Snowpixies arrive, let them know how excited you are to see them! Introduce yourselves (with your name and something you are looking forward to this Christmas) and share some of the holiday activities you have planned during their stay. Give them some fun family experiences to talk about in the North Pole!

When the time comes for the Snowpixies to travel back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, send them off with a note or drawing as a reminder of their time with your family. Put it in the crib and it will be something your Snowpixie will enjoy looking at and showing their friends as their hearts grow fonder until the next Journey Day!

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