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Christmas Eve is Here!

How did Christmas Eve get here so quickly? It always seems to come too soon. And for Snowpixie sitting families, Christmas Eve also brings a special event. On this night the baby elves journey back to the North Pole where they will soon begin classes at the North Pole School of Elf Etiquette.

To help the Nanny Elf easily find the wee baby elf, place your Snowpixie in its crib under the Christmas Tree before going to bed. And if your child wants to send a note or drawing back with their Snowpixie as a reminder of the time with your family, just put it in the crib. This might be something your Snowpixie will enjoy looking at and showing to friends back in the North Pole!

A nice way to close out the adventure in baby elf sitting would be to leave a thank you note for your child from the Nanny Elf showing appreciation for taking such good care of the little Snowpixie for Santa with a promise to return next year!

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