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Christmas is over...or is it?

The end of the Christmas season is defined by decorations being boxed up and stored away. With a touch of disappointment, regardless of how soon we begin decking the halls, it always seems like Christmas comes to an end too quickly! Of course, for SnowPixies families, the end of the season also means your wee baby elves have journeyed back to the North Pole to start their studies at the North Pole School of Elf Etiquette. But what if you could continue the SnowPixies magic for your little one? The good news is that the SnowPixies fun can go on throughout the year in the Baby Elf Sitters Club!

Here is how it works…

In January, club members will receive a personalized BESC Membership Certificate recognizing them as one of Santa’s special helpers. April brings a letter from the Nanny Elf with an update on your SnowPixie. A copy of the SnowPixie’s report card from the North Pole School of Elf Etiquette will arrive in July. And in November as you start preparing for your SnowPixie arrival, members will be sent a special SnowPixies Christmas Ornament for your tree along with a Christmas Countdown Calendar to use during the month of December.

Membership dues for 2024 are only $35. Now is the perfect time to join the club! Click Here to learn more and to join the BESC!

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