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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

As with any new guest in your home, it is important to begin with a proper welcome. To start your introductions, the Snowpixie Care Package includes a birth certificate with the Snowpixie's name and the Single sets also include a personality card. After reading those together as a family, introduce yourselves to the wee baby elf. Even though Snowpixies do not speak, they are good listeners, so have your child talk to them and keep them around family activities by moving them in their crib to listen, watch and learn. Be on the lookout for future posts in Snowpixie Life for ideas on family activities involving the Snowpixies.

If your Snowpixie is returning back to your home for the Christmas season, allow for a proper greeting by name and tell your baby elf why you are happy to have the Snowpixie back and about all the fun you have planned for the Christmas season.

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