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Road Trip!

The AAA Auto Club is forecasting that nearly 104 million people will be on the road during the 10 days between Dec. 23 and New Year’s Day. While a big number, it falls short by about 3% below the record number during the last Christmas before the grinchy COVID hit the United States. Of course, if you are going to be one of those 104 million travelers, it will probably still seem like a new record.

Holiday travel is a reality for many of us as we embrace the opportunity to share the love and build Christmas memories with family and friends. Yet for a Snowpixie family, the elf baby sitting must go on! So instead of leaving your Snowpixie behind, include it in your travel adventure. They don't take up much room and travel very light! Take advantage of the mobility and interactive nature of the Snowpixie. This will allow children to continue their responsibility of teaching the baby elf how you do Christmas and keep an outward focus. And remember, this will be a one way trip...on Christmas Eve, place the baby and crib under a tree so it can be safely returned to the North Pole by the Nanny Elf!

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