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Snowpixie Tips for Parents and Teachers: A Home for the Holiday

Families and teachers have shared pictures of their sweet little Snowpixies in tiny homes. Most of these examples were created and decorated by the children to help the Snowpixie feel comfortable and more at home as they adapt to their new environment.

This is an opportunity for your children to use their imagination and creativity, while giving the Snowpixie a warm welcome. They can use materials or props from around the home or classroom to make the Snowpixie its own little home, or maybe even try to design or recreate the North Pole Nursery! 

As you can see in the pictures below, some have used small glass terrariums and fairy lights, which can be found in stores or by searching online. But don't think it needs to be anything pricey or could be as simple as using a cardboard box and some of your existing Christmas decorations. This is something the whole family can work on together while listening to festive music. Just have fun with it and help your Snowpixie adjust to their stay in your home with a tiny home of their own for the holiday!✨

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