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Snowpixie Tips for Parents and Teachers: Snowpixies EMS

Over the years parents have reached out asking to replace a damaged or lost Snowpixie.

We’re here to help! We have individual Snowpixies on hand and ready to send out when needed. Just let us know which Snowpixie you want to replace. If there is a chance that we don’t have the specific baby in stock, we will try to match your previous Snowpixie’s colors as best as we can. Children are very observant, so if your new Snowpixie is wearing a different colored wrap or hat, you could suggest that the baby received a new outfit as a gift from the nurse elves in the hospital.

If your child is aware that something happened to the baby, it is important to talk about it and come up with a plan ahead of time. One family shared with us that they told their child that the baby Snowpixie was sick and needed to visit the North Pole Hospital. After ordering and receiving their replacement, they put the original baby in a shoebox under the Christmas tree and sprinkled some glitter around the box. The next morning, the replacement baby was in that same box, healthy and safely returned from the North Pole Hospital! ❤️🏥🎄

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