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Snowpixie Trivia

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Do you think your family knows the Snowpixies? Get together with some hot chocolate and peppermint bark and test your collective knowledge with these trivia questions!

Snowpixies all share the same birthday. Do you know when it is?

What does the Nanny Elf fill the Snowpixie’s bottle with each night?

Why are Snowpixies placed under a Christmas Tree on the night of Christmas Eve?

Where do the elves go to find the Snowpixies on the day they appear?

What tasty treat enjoyed by the North Pole Elves comes from the Peppermint Woods?

Where did the idea of finding human baby elf-sitters to care for the Snowpixies come from?

What do the Snowpixies do after they return to the North Pole after Christmas?

Why is Santa looking for baby elf-sitters during the busy weeks before Christmas?

What color is the crib that girl Snowpixies are placed in? How about the boys? Twins?

The light of which star transforms the snowflakes into Snowpixies during the first minute of Christmas in July?

All the answers can be found in the book, Journey of the Snowpixies.

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