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Spread the Snowpixie Joy!

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

A mom recently told us how the Snowpixie story and magic has been a part of her family Christmas. She said that her daughter took the wee baby elf and crib with them to a Nutcracker performance and held her the entire time so it could watch the show. Another mom shared that on the day their twin Snowpixies returned for the Christmas season her son read the Snowpixie book to them by the light of the Christmas tree. These are great examples of the simple and interactive nature of the Snowpixie Christmas elf tradition for families that positively supports your values and holiday activities.

And we know there are many more stories like this, including yours! We would love to hear how you and your child are involving your Snowpixie in your family Christmas activities. We will soon be creating a page on the Snowpixie site dedicated to these stories. Just send us an email to With a little bit of effort, you can spread the Snowpixie joy to others through your ideas and experiences in ways that enhance Christmas fun with this simple and interactive Christmas elf tradition.

Joy is the word of the season. Share some!

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