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Sweet Dreams!

Parents know that quality sleep is essential for children and that a way to encourage good sleep is to develop bedtime routines to help them calm down and relax. According to the Sleep Foundation, research shows that consistent bedtime activities help children “go to sleep earlier, take less time falling asleep, sleep longer, and wake up less during the night.” In addition, “they also foster parent-child bonding and may help improve mood, stress levels, and behavior.” (

So why not make the Snowpixie bedtime routine a part of your child’s routine? Choose some consistent activities with the Snowpixie after turning down the lights at bedtime. Perhaps you could feed the wee baby elf with the syrup bottle, make sure it has it’s blanket and teddy bear close by, read a story together and softly sing a favorite Christmas carol. Or you may have some other ideas. The important thing is to have a consistent order of activity leading up to lights out for a sleepy child and Snowpixie. Let your child understand that by doing this they are helping the baby Snowpixie be secure and relaxed for the night. That is what baby elf-sitters do!

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