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The Arrival!

After Santa and the elves receive your letter volunteering to baby elf sit, they will select the best little Snowpixie for your family and go through the Care Package checklist twice before sending. Many have found that a good time to consider starting your baby elf sitting adventure is just after Thanksgiving Day. Whether a new arrival or returning, when you decide on your day to bring out the Snowpixie, encourage your child to keep an eye out for their package from the North Pole that will be waiting for them at the front door! It is best to first read the letter from Santa to your child to help them understand some of the tips on how to care for a Snowpixie. You will also find ideas in the Journey of the Snowpixies book. For the safety of the wee baby elf, the Snowpixie should not be touched or handled by the child, but Snowpixies can be carried around in their crib. Let the adventure in baby elf-sitting begin!

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