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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Jean Shepherd once said that holidays are like mileposts used to measure our lives. As I think back over my life, the most vivid and lingering memories swirl around holidays, especially Christmas. Coming together as a family and celebrating through holiday traditions builds lasting memories that carry on in the form of love and shared values. They are precious gifts that defy time.

One of the things that make Snowpixies so unique is the interactive role they can play in creating memories of family togetherness and holiday tradition built around what is important to you. They are not just another activity to put on the shelf of a season that is already overbooked with stressful demands on parents. Instead, Snowpixies allow families to come together and "teach" the wee baby elf your own family Christmas traditions and values.

By volunteering as a family to baby elf sit for Santa, young children gain a positive outward focus by taking age-appropriate responsibility to care for the Snowpixie as a guest in your home. When the entire family comes around this relationship driven cause, you can have a fun and "parent friendly" family Christmas tradition that enhances the magic of Christmas without a huge commitment of time and work.

A mother of young children who joined the baby elf sitting adventure said it this way: "Snowpixies are a guaranteed way to breathe new life into treasured traditions and continue the Christmas magic for your family! As my children grow up, it is such a gift to create lasting holiday memories and Snowpixies have become part of our holiday celebration that I hope to continue for generations.”

The most wonderful time of the year is coming, and now is a great time to order a Snowpixie Care Package and start preparing for its arrival. Let’s make some family memories!

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