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Why Snowpixies?

Why Snowpixies?

As you may know, the Snowpixies story is based on Santa searching for human families to care for wee baby elves (called "Snowpixies "in the North Pole) during the busy weeks leading up to Christmas. Because of the help from human babysitting families, Santa and the toy making elves have the time they need to focus on getting ready for Christmas Day!

A Snowpixie fits perfectly into your existing holiday happenings in an interactive way that encourages fun and relationship driven responsibility for children. The objective is to build a bond with the baby elf and help care for it through shared family activities that you are already doing. In this way, you have a "parent friendly" family Christmas tradition that enhances the magic of Christmas without a huge commitment of money and time.

Because of the outward focus, a Snowpixie help develop your child’s responsibility (without threats of the naughty list!) based on positive reinforcement and a desire to help Santa by caring for a cute baby elf. The thought of being chosen by Santa as his helper along with the responsibility of caring for a baby elf as a guest in your home shifts focus to the needs of others during the Christmas season. This becomes a tool and opportunity to teach your family traditions and values to your children as they in turn teach those things to their Snowpixie. For some examples of how this can be done, Click here for a Message to Parents.

Simple, right? Snowpixies don’t demand that you add more work or stress to your Christmas activities, but simply enhance them by sharing the joy of what you are already doing with a wee baby elf that is eager to learn about how you do Christmas!

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