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Here you will find SnowPixie stories shared by families about their adventure in baby elf sitting for Santa!  To see pictures from our baby elf sitting families, go to our SnowPixie Family Album.


We love to hear how this parent friendly and outward focused Christmas Elf Tradition has brought joy to your family!  To send us your SnowPixie stories go to the Contact Us page. 


“My husband and I were looking for something original and unique to add to our Christmas tradition that would enrich the excitement that already surrounds it. When we heard about Snowpixies we knew it was the perfect addition. They are so sweet and we love how they encourage our girls to take care of something and be intentional during such a busy season. They are so excited for the Snowpixies to return each season and we are too!”  EB

"Snowpixies are a guaranteed way to breathe new life into treasured traditions and continue the Christmas magic for your family! As my children grow up, it is such a gift to create lasting holiday memories and SnowPixies have become part of our holiday celebration that I hope to continue for generations.”  MM

“Thank you for bringing some magic into our lives with our new Snowpixie! Our family loved your book. Taylor is taking her baby elf-sitting job very seriously, which is absolutely adorable. And while MJ has started to question some of the Christmas magic, he woke up to write Santa a letter asking for his own Snowpixie.  It really caused me to pause my anxious heart and appreciate the joy their excitement brings me.”  MBM

“The Christmas spirit that these sweet little Snowpixes have brought to our home is just what we needed.  It was a nice reminder to take in the simple joys of the holidays.”  KH

​“My kids were so excited to receive their Snowpixies!    They loved the responsibility of being chosen as one of Santa’s helpers and babysitters for baby elves. This year we are moving in the middle of December.  As a mom, the low-maintenance nature of the Snowpixies allows me to keep the Christmas magic going for my kids without the pressure of having to do anything extra in the middle of our move.”  LD

​"We had a very special early delivery from the North Pole!! Snowpixies!!!! The girls are SO EXCITED to babysit these baby elves!"  EA

“Omg! I received the Snowpixie Care Package this morning. Such a beautiful reusable box, the birth certificate and Santa letter are gorgeous, the crib is excellent quality, the book is priceless.  The little Snowpixie is so adorable in the Velcro fastening blankie and hand crochet little hat...and underneath adorned with sparkles and little shoes...cutest thing I ever saw:).  My little daughter loves her :)  Thank you so much!"  AT

Dash arrived!!! We are so excited! I bottle fed Dash. My son was too cool for Dash at first but when his teenage sister decided she was going to keep Dash then suddenly my son decided Dash was his Snowpixie! I love the story! We sang, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. Everyone needs a Snowpixie! Thank you for trusting us with a Snowpixie!  BC

We started this tradition with our kids this year and it has been so sweet to watch them take on their new role of caring for baby elves.  In the past we had an elf “watching” to see if they were being good, but this tradition teaches them to be responsible because their baby elves are learning from them. Yesterday we watched church from home and it was so sweet seeing them teach their Bible verse to the baby elves because they wanted them to know about Jesus.  LB

Today in the car, McKinley  asked me when is Christmas coming.   I told her soon and she said, “Yay, that’s when we will have Santa and the Snowpixies will come!”  AR

Zingo has a special surprise for our daughter tomorrow.  I'm so excited to start this new Snowpixie tradition.  She cannot wait to be a babysitter and is going to love helping Santa by taking care of baby elf Noel.  HKW

The Snowpixie brought so much joy and excitement into our home this morning. My daughter was beyond excited and kept saying "I can’t believe they picked me to watch a Snowpixie!" Melted my heart over and over. So thankful for the Snowpixies!  MB

Our Snowpixie twins just arrived for another Christmas and our son is reading the Snowpixie book to them by the light of the Christmas tree.  Christmas magic is still alive over here!  MH

My little girl came home today from school SO excited to know the Snowpixies exist and we’re sending a letter tonight to ask Santa for one to babysit. Thank you!  MJW

Bless you bless you!!! My daughter loves the elves so much.  MS

The Snowpixies story and magic has made my daughter's Christmas. She took Tinsel to the Nutcracker and a Christmas play on the weekend we got her and she held her to see the show the entire time.  MW

My daughters read to their Snowpixies every night! ❤️

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