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Important Message for Parents, Grandparents, etc.

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Dear Parent, Grandparent, and anyone else who loves a young child!

Before you start to panic about adding another guilt-ridden obligation to your already overbooked holiday schedule, relax.  Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but Snowpixies bring a unique yet stress free Christmas tradition that both your child and you will love and enjoy!  And because of a simple approach and purpose, it can enhance the spirit of Christmas for younger children and grandchildren without a huge commitment of time and effort.

What is a Snowpixie you ask?  The foundation of the Snowpixies story is that Santa is searching for human families to care for baby elves (called "Snowpixies "in the North Pole) during the busy weeks leading up to Christmas.  Because of the help from human babysitters, Santa and the toy making elves have the time they need to focus on getting ready for Christmas Day!

A Snowpixie fits perfectly into your existing family holiday happenings in a way that encourages fun and relationship driven responsibility for your child.  The objective is to build a bond with the baby elf and help care for it through shared family activities that you are already doing.  In this way, you can have a "parent friendly" family Christmas tradition that enhances the magic of Christmas. 


Because of the outward focus, a Snowpixie can help develop your child’s responsibility (without threats of the naughty list!) based on positive reinforcement and a desire to help Santa by caring for a cute wee baby elf.  Rather than entitlement, the thought of being chosen by Santa as his helper along with the responsibility of caring for a baby elf will shift focus toward the needs of others during the Christmas season.  This intrinsic motivation becomes a tool and opportunity to teach your family traditions and values to your children as they introduce those things to their Snowpixie.  

Let’s go back to the “simple” part.  Here are some examples of how Snowpixies can foster family Christmas memories:

  • A Letter to Santa!  Before the arrival, get together as a family and write a letter to Santa volunteering to baby elf-sit a Snowpixie giving reasons why your home is the right place for a wee baby elf during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

    • In subsequent years, before the day of arrival, you may want to consider sending a letter to Santa about your readiness to welcome back the baby elf.  Your Snowpixie will return annually until you determine that it is old enough to take on responsibilities in the North Pole.

  • Arrival!  Timing of the arrival is up to you based on your schedule.  The weekend after Thanksgiving may be a nice time to shift your family focus onto Christmas, but don’t feel obligated to a specific day.  Choose a time that works best for you. 

  • A Letter from Santa!  After the “arrival,” first read the letter from Santa (included in the Care Package) to your child to help them understand some of the tips on how to care for a Snowpixie.  You will also find ideas for care in the "Journey of the Snowpixies" book (included in the single Snowpixie Care Package - you might want to add this first book to your order of a Twins Care Package since it comes with the second book, "The Journey of Jingle and Bell"). 

  • Get Mobile!  We know from experience that it is impossible for a child to not touch the baby elf, but keep in mind it is not a toy and it is best to discourage handling the baby to help foster personal identity for the Snowpixie.  All for good reason, of course, because you don’t want to risk injuring the little elf!  However, you should encourage your child to carry around the baby in the crib so the Snowpixie can experience all of your family fun at Christmas!  After all, you want the Snowpixie to be involved with your child in your Christmas activities, not just a staring spectator stuck on a shelf somewhere.

  • Hello, My Name Is...   As with any guest in your home, introductions should be made.  The Snowpixie Care Package includes a birth certificate with the Snowpixie's name and a personality card.  After reading those together as a family, introduce yourselves (with your name and something you like about Christmas) to the wee baby elf. 

    • When your Snowpixie returns to your home in future years for the Christmas season, allow for a proper greeting by name and tell your baby elf why you are happy to have the Snowpixie back with you and about all the fun you have planned for the coming Christmas season.

  • Talk to Me!  Even though Snowpixies do not speak, they are good listeners, so encourage your child to talk to them and keep them around family activities by moving them in their crib to listen, watch and learn how your family celebrates Christmas. 

  • No Place Like A Home for the Holiday!  Some Snowpixie families have sent pictures of tiny houses made for their Snowpixie (you can find some pictures in the Snowpxies Family Album).  This is an opportunity for children to use their imagination and creativity, while giving the Snowpixie a warm welcome. They can use materials or props from around the home to make the Snowpixie its own little home, or maybe even try to design or recreate the North Pole Nursery! This is something the whole family can work on together while listening to festive music. Just have fun with it and help your Snowpixie adjust to their stay in your home with a tiny home of their own for the holiday!

  • Read to Me!  Everyone loves a good story, and Snowpixies are no different, so take time to read to them.  This is a good way to encourage your child to read, or if they are too young, have your child pick out a book and you read to both of them!  Some ideas on what to read include both of the Snowpixie books, or you can choose from your other favorite Christmas books to read out loud to your Snowpixie.  You can also read the story of the first Christmas with the birth of Jesus found in Luke 2 (verses 1-20).

  • Time for Bed!  Use your Snowpixie to build a bedtime routine with your child.  Choose some consistent activities with the Snowpixie after turning down the lights at bedtime.  Perhaps your child could feed the wee baby elf with the syrup bottle, make sure it has it’s blanket and teddy bear close by, read a story together and softly sing a favorite Christmas carol. Or you may have some other ideas.  The important thing is to have a consistent order of activity leading up to lights out for a sleepy child and Snowpixie. Let your child understand that by doing this they are helping the baby Snowpixie be secure and relaxed for the night.  That is what baby elf-sitters do!


  • Christmas Kitchen!  Snowpixies love the smell of fresh baked Christmas cookies and look forward to their Christmas Cookie Decorating class at the School of Elf Etiquette after they get back to the North Pole.  You can help them prepare for their upcoming school studies by bringing the Snowpixie in the crib to watch you and your child bake and decorate Christmas cookies. They will love it!

  • Share the Love!  With your new batch of Christmas treats, continue the outward focus by packaging some of the cookies and delivering them with your child and Snowpixie to a neighbor or family member to spread some Christmas cheer!

  • Sparkle!  Taking your Snowpixie around in the crib to see the light displays in your neighborhood will bring back memories of the North Pole for the baby!  So, load up in your car as a family to drive around your neighborhood (with a holiday milkshake), play Christmas music and enjoy the twinkle!

  • Movie Night!  Set up some Christmas movie nights with holiday favorites selected by different family members to watch together.  Gather your festive snacks and your Snowpixie, dim the lights and start the show!

  • Who Likes Trivia?  If you would like to play some Snowpixie Trivia as a family with your child and Snowpixie, questions based on the book, Journey of the Snowpixies, can be found by clicking here.  Get together with some hot chocolate and peppermint bark and test your collective knowledge!

  • A Captive Audience!  Your child can sing Christmas songs or even put on a Christmas show for the Snowpixie.  It will love the performance!

  • A Thank You Gift from Santa!  If you want to recognize the responsibility taken on by your child, get a small gift and have the Nanny Elf leave it during the night by the Snowpixie crib with a note on how pleased Santa is with the good care being given to the baby elf.

This is just a sampling, but you get the idea.  Instead of guilt ridden obligation to create something new, simply incorporate a Snowpixie into your existing family holiday happenings in a way that encourages fun and relationship driven responsibility for your child.  

Christmas Eve!  To close out the Snowpixie visit to your home, on Christmas Eve, as you put out cookies and milk for Santa, also allow your child to place the Snowpixie in its crib under your Christmas Tree so the Nanny Elf can easily find the wee baby elf and safely return it to the North Pole where it will begin classes in the School of Elf EtiquetteYou might want to encourage your child to send a note or drawing back with their Snowpixie as a reminder of the time with your family and then put it in the crib. This will be something your Snowpixie (and you!) will enjoy looking at and showing to friends until the Snowpixie returns next year!

And with that your Snowpixie is ready to store away until the next Christmas season when it will once again return to receive loving care from your family so Santa and the toy making elves can prepare for Christmas Day!  

Simple, right?

If you have any pictures or stories you want to share about your adventures in baby elf sitting, please send them to us at You can find stories and pictures from other elf sitting families on the Pixie-Grams Page.

P.S.  Just a couple of comments to share with you based on past experience:

  • If the baby is damaged (i.e. becomes a chew toy for your dog…), you can replace the Snowpixie without buying an entire Care Package.  Just email us at for information.

  • If you want to continue the Snowpixie fun and involvement for your child throughout the year, check out membership in the Baby Elf Sitters Club by clicking this link to the Snowpixies BESC Page.  Here is how it works…  

Early in the year, club members will receive a personalized BESC Membership Certificate recognizing them as one of Santa’s special helpers. A few months later the Nanny Elf will send a letter to your family with an update on your Snowpixie (that would be a good time to encourage your child to write back to the Nanny Elf). A copy of the Snowpixie’s report card from the North Pole School of Elf Etiquette comes next. And in November as you start preparing for your Snowpixie arrival, members will be sent a special Snowpixie Christmas Ornament for your tree along with a Christmas Countdown Calendar to use during the month of December. 

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